on: 12 Dec 2013 [10:40]
updated: 12 Dec 2013 [13:18]
We are presenting you one of the most unusual PvP servers on the history of 1100AD game - Eurasia server.
The story starts in the early XIII century, when isolated mongolian tribes of the east were united into the Mongolian Empire by the iron will of the Emperor, but on the west side of the continent Teuton Order becomes one of the biggest, most influential and heavily armed countries of the medieval Europe. Disregarding historical conventions we asked ourselves a question: if Teuton Order would ever confront Mongolian Empire in battle? Who would win this extraordinary war? How big would be the price of such victory? We will let you, players of 1100AD, answer this question!

In this battle you can choose your side:
* side of Teuton Order, the mighty Europe, or
* side of Mongolian Empire, the savage Asia.

But not only uncommon mix of settings, new graphics created solely for the new server and newly created texts make this PvP server so special. We prepared many surprises for the players, like:

1. Map features:
* From the very start map is divided into 2 parts belonging to each side;
* There are seas on the server map, and territories accessible only by sea - for those, craving for some privacy;
* We have some islands too!

2. Locations and cities:
* Bastion and historical cities appear alternately. New players are getting same conditions as older ones. Bastion appearance order depends on region population density;
* Tax collection system disabled - now players will get their full booty, without any tax to the bastion owner;
* Two Citadels available to server players (will be implemented in February 2014);
* Mercenary camps are changed. Now they can be upgraded to level 3 max; every levelup brings twice as much mercenary points and twice as much soldiers for hire. Levelup cost equals current amount of mercenary points received from camp (1 mercenary point = 1 gold).

3. The Kingdoms:
* Every player may found his/her own Kingdom (will be implemented in February 2014);
* You can't join Order of the another Kingdom.

4. Diplomacy:
* Only Orders are available on server; vassal system disabled;
* Confronting sides are always in the state of war;
* By default players belonging to one side have no mutual relations;
* You can change your side by restarting your account.

5. Other server features:
* Fully operable referral system;
* Pro-tactics system. Terrain now affects your troops performance. Allocate units properly to get combat advantage;
* Global population, as per other servers;
* Throne room and social panel;
* Spin the fortune's wheel and win prizes in the lottery - now available for everyone and will remain after the holidays are over!
* Unique heroes created specially for this server (will be implemented in February 2014);
* New 'Premium' subscription - accelerated troops training, building construction and trade campaigns, doubled resource extraction and mercenary count and much, much more!
* Updated 'Baron' package - now with 30 slots for free heroes!
* Player profile screen reworked and updated;
* Artifact management updated in tactics mode;
* Gold purchase screen reworked and simplified.

New server is waiting for players - rugged warriors and novices in 1100AD world: create your own Kingdoms, gather and train armies, explore lands - and let the great battle begin!
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Join a server envisioned to promote players to forge their own path in roleplay. ... Will, you found a new empire and help newcomers to this region?
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