on: 30 Aug 2013 [18:32]
We decided to ask players - what do you want to change in game, what improvements should be made to make game more interesting and appealing. That's why we created a questionnaire - fill it and share very important and valuable information with development team.


To thank you for your participation 1100AD team gives to all players on all servers
* 200 000 resources for 200 unique players filling in the questionnaire;
* 300 000 resources for 500 unique players;
* 1 000 000 resources for 1000 unique players.

Calculations will be performed after questionnaire closing, on September 6th
on: 09 Sep 2013 [12:57]
The questionnaire is closed and we have received 374 answers! We would like to thank all participating players! The resources will be awarded later today.
on: 10 Dec 2014 [12:01]
questionnaires as this should be published in skype chat for moderators, so that other players podesem participate!(:s33:)
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