on: 01 Dec 2012 [19:40]
All your troops were defeated in city Cadleon. You lost: Barbarian 43, Scout 2, Footpad 2, Slave 8, Pikeman 65, Royal Guard 15, Swordsman 15. You killed: Hero 1, Pikeman 14, Swordsman 55. Results of a fight in resources: not available.

Well.This is the story.

I was trying to tackle my enemy Virti. He had cities around me, but at the moment,he is inactive.
I decided to raid one city, Cadleon. I arrived there,greeted by 20 swordsmen.I kill all of them with ease.Moving on,I find a storehouse, probably choc a block with resources.I choose to rob it.Soon,out of the blue,a force of 250 men come out.I have a small skirmish,and realise I am losing.I attempt to flee.The force pursue me.Then,from the south,1000
men attack.I flee for my troops live.A small force of 50 arrive.They form a triangle.I attempt to flee,but I am pelted with arrows.I face west,and attack the 250.They lose 14 men.All my troops are destroyed.

(:s28:) (:s6:)
on: 01 Dec 2012 [20:51]
You need archers. And a hero with 4 spots sight. (:s9:)

The rest is part of the game. (:s29:) (:s12:)