on: 26 May 2012 [19:27]
How many troops should I anticipate needing for the Wrecked Wagon Quest? I went in thinking I was more than prepared and lost my entire army. I'd say I had about 350 soldiers, and 50 or so mercenaries, and they were all destroyed in a matter of minutes. The worst part about it is that they just kept coming
on: 26 May 2012 [21:15]
updated: 26 May 2012 [21:16]
Most players are taking between 3k and 6k to these temporary Huts. You might be able to get by on 2500 but you need plenty of troops to absorb the attack and then archers to attack. This is only hearsay as I have not found one of these yet but based on my experince with dense forest and trade fair, You will need a lot mmore than 350. Have you tried a barbarian settlement or Abandoned mine? Those are easier and give you an idea of what you are in for.
on: 27 May 2012 [07:09]
Hahaha wow whoops! Well thanks for letting me know. It will be good not to make that mistake again
on: 27 May 2012 [07:13]
Don't feel bad. Most of us have made that mistake more than once.(:s7:)
Good luck
on: 29 May 2012 [08:51]
I am fairly new to this game but have played a little in abandon mines. I did not have any problems there. When I saw the wagon hut come up I thought well it might be the same. I sent two armys from diff citys in 1000 each and when I got in there, I had just about time to see the other armys and I got my butt kicked. Just in time for my second army to arrive. I tried to leave but it said it was going to take 7 minutes well you can guess what happened then. I felt like a whopped dog. that was two weeks ago and I am still trying to replace them.
on: 29 May 2012 [10:07]
Most likely, if you got killed that fast, it's because a much stronger player was already inside and close enough to the entrance to see your army. Something similar happened to me some time ago, my army was inside the Abandoned Mines, and far enough to the entrance to not see it (four squares) but a much stronger player entered, and in less than a minute, my army of 2k maybe 2,5k troops was wiped. With a hero in his army, he could see more than three squares away so my army became an easy target for him, accidently. He sent me pms apologizing and I had to rebuild my army.

What I think is, when the players armies are 3x (or maybe more) stronger in an adventure hut, they should ignore each other. Or maybe have more than one instance of the same hut.
on: 02 Nov 2012 [16:57]
updated: 03 Nov 2012 [00:48]


I just sent my army on that quest thinking it was a n00b quest......

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on: 03 Nov 2012 [15:51]
The Wiki does have a page on the different quests. It is a bit sparse on information, but it covers the basics, such as difficulty.
on: 04 Nov 2012 [00:48]
I've found that all of the "temporary huts" are difficult. In addition to the barrage of troops which initially hits you, there is the added danger of other players monopolizing the huts, as Hakushi eluded to. On top of all of that, the amount of NPC enemy is increased to adjust for the larger player's troop count. So even if you miss the larger player, you inherit his npc enemy, which sometimes makes for a quick and painful battle (been there, done that)(:s20:)(:s2:) Having said that, some of the artifacts are only available in the temporary huts!(:s8:)
on: 01 Mar 2013 [23:00]
strange to name it a quest...

going to barbarian settlement or druids doesn't feel like doing a quest... just gaining experience and some artifacts...

have not been to the wrecked wagon... is it so different?