Sir Adonis
on: 12 Oct 2011 [04:28]
I truly believe that this vassalage system (hope this term exists) is hurting this game one way or another. The natural tendency of a player in this type of game is to dominate or at least to become strong and independent. For being a vassal, one gave up mercenary points and/or gold and becomes the subject of the Lord. Though purpose of the vassalage is protection in some cases but most often than not it is backed by force or threat of force against a player. Vassalage affects the INTEGRITY of the player. Instead of pursuing to be strong, the vassal becomes contented of the protection offered by the Lord. And in a way results to the lessening of the players interest towards the game and sooner or later QUIT from playing. If he won't quit, he becomes a second rate type of player in the game. This is in the vassal's point of view. I didn't post this because I'm a vassal of somebody because definitely I am not and will never will be.

As to the Lord's point of view, this opens up the opportunity to cheat (multi accounts) to gain unlimited mercenary points. Vassalage system causes no balance of power AMONG THE PLAYERS themselves. One player can have the attack points of one Order combined. The individual ability to gain power in this game is UNLIMITED. Balance of power should be AMONG THE ORDERS. This is with consideration as to other ways to gain merc points available in this game.
on: 12 Oct 2011 [05:59]
updated: 12 Oct 2011 [06:04]
I see your point. But it costs hard work to get a vassal slot.(:myself:) And also some people become vassals so maybe later on they can join their order. (:s11:) I'm a vassal and i'm not content on my lord. In fact the contact of my lord is so we build a better army. Also protection . But by becoming vassal you can become stronger.you can build up yourself and a lord could help you do that. I don't think you lose your integrity or your a wimp or anything like that. But i guess its a matter of opinion(:s28:)Also this game is too fun to quit. And i pursue to be strong. Right after i became a vassal i sent 10 campaigns and captured a city. If anything a lord can give you help or to do something. Its not that your relying on the lord but their both relying on each other. A sense of teamwork. But hey thats my opinion.(:s33:)(:s11:)
on: 24 Oct 2011 [08:16]
SirAdonis, vassaldom is good for 1) the players who don't have much time and/or gold to play it strong 2)the newbies who want to develop peacefully and under protection until they have grown out the long fangs and the thick armour of their own and then leave their lords and play on independently.
on: 24 Oct 2011 [08:50]
hahaha(:s8:) absolutely right(:s11:)
on: 29 Oct 2011 [05:34]
Gio65656pl (:s21:)
on: 29 May 2012 [06:27]
I think its a great system. It allows for a weak player to be taxed instead of the stronger player just pounding them until they quit. It allows them to share info with each other and brings a very interesting aspect of 'Ruling and submissive' classes to the game. (Neither of which is stuck in their role forever)

As for second class player.. Some people get on war games like this and want to play like its 'Sim City'. Who are you to call them less for enjoying the game in that manner? We all have a unique idea of whats fun. Keep that in mind.
on: 29 Aug 2022 [06:50]
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