on: 19 Jan 2011 [00:20]
updated: 14 Jan 2013 [22:48]
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Ok, on to the rules, in no particular order:

1: Threads in this section will be deleted if 10 days old from last post. If you don't want it deleted then before the 5th day comes around, post "bump". That should ensure that it stays safe from our deleting powers!

2: DON'T post any help threads or point out any bugs/problems in this section, that's what the help/support section was made for. Do not post multiple threads of the same topic and around the same time in this section (in this section, you can post multiple threads of the same topic only if there is a 24 hour gap from the thread creations).

3: There may be more, only time will tell...

Additional information:
This section is to chat about anything, 1100AD or not! Of course, you must follow the rules set forth (i.e no spam, advertisement, etc). As far as talking about other games, we would be fine with just talking about them but make no effort in advertising them. Stuff like game-play, mechanics, story, etc is Ok but don’t compare 1100AD to them (unless they are other AmberGames’ games). This subject is at the frontier, so don’t be surprised if your post/thread gets deleted.
on: 14 Jan 2013 [22:49]
Added the additional information to expand what this section was made for! Tweaked the text some and the links are updated.
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