ekkor: 23 Dec 2019 [20:01]
frissítve: 23 Dec 2019 [21:07]

Dear players, Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching. The whole 1100ad team congratulates you and wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Let 2020 be the year of happiness, love, hope, faith, let there be a lot of laughter, emotions, aspirations and accomplishments!

In the game, we wish courageous battles, new achievements and good allies!

We are bringing the holiday atmosphere! The holiday, like last year, will be held in several stages! The first part will already appear today on all servers! The second part will be a little later, after the Catholic Christmas. Follow the news.

In all cities where there is a free place of sand or grass, a special, festive tree will appear. Once in a while, the Christmas tree is lit with colorful lights and brings its owner a present. Visit your Christmas tree regularly and enjoy the gifts found! Among the gifts you can find are - resources, artifacts, unique soldiers, gold and diamonds.

In the festive tree you can find a special dungeon. The dungeon has 10 levels, it’s slippery and cold, take care of your heroes and try your bravery!
Attention, heroes below 15k HP and damage are not recommended to go down!

You can also find the Christmas lottery in the Christmas Tree. In the festive lottery there will be a window with 9 gifts, you need to open 3 of them. For the total number of points, you will receive - a Bronze, Silver or Golden gift, which includes - resources, soldiers, buildings and other bonuses. In order to play the lottery you need a lottery ticket, which can be purchased - in buying special gold offer or by using the artifact - Christmas tree. One lottery game costs one lottery ticket.
Playing the lottery you can also get a special prize - a Monument of the Great Warrior draft. To do this, you need to reach 100% in the progress bar.

The frost season has begun and our temporary soldiers, the Snowman and Santa, have returned to us! A soldier can be obtained for a mini-game, passing the dungeon, purchased or received as a gift. The soldier will last until spring, after which it will automatically retire. The exact time of the disappearance will be announced later. Also a Top for killing temporary soldiers is available.

We present you a new set of permanent artifacts of Saint Wenceslas!

These artifacts can compete with Roland's set in combat effectiveness!
Think, Combine, Win!


The holiday is about to come and it's time to get ready for Christmas! To complete the task, it is necessary to collect special artifacts that can be obtained from temporary location exploration. The received artifacts must be inserted into the appropriate slots on the game field. When all parts are in place, the player receives the specified award. The list of rewards can be shuffled for gold.

http://wiki.1100ad.com/images/d/d7/A5_christmas_santa_bag.jpg http://wiki.1100ad.com/images/0/0d/A5_christmas_santa_boots.jpghttp://wiki.1100ad.com/images/a/ae/A5_christmas_santa_cape.jpghttp://wiki.1100ad.com/images/8/8a/A5_christmas_santa_gloves.jpghttp://wiki.1100ad.com/images/8/8e/A5_christmas_santa_hat.jpghttp://wiki.1100ad.com/images/7/7d/A5_christmas_santa_staff.jpg
For each player there are statistics on how many costumes were collected. At the end of the holiday, the TOP 10 best players will receive a prize. You can see your place in the TOP statistics.

In the Mini-game “Santa Claus” there is also a mid-server competition!
TOP-20 best players among all servers that will score the most points in the mini-game will receive valuable prizes.


The Czech royal regalia includes the crown of St. Wenceslas and the royal scepter!
The crown was made in 1345–1346 to the coronation of Charles of Luxembourg, the king of the Czech Republic, making it the fourth oldest crown in Europe. The crown is made of gold and adorned with precious stones and pearls. The crown is the oldest part of the Czech royal regalia.
The royal scepter, like the crown, is made of pure gold. Its length is 67 cm, weight - 1013 grams. Decorated with four sapphires, five spinels and sixty-two pearls. Unlike the crown of St. Wenceslas, the orb and scepter were made in the first half of the 16th century, most likely for Ferdinand I.

This year we bring to your attention 2 new artifacts:
1. The crown of St. Wenceslas. To receive this artifact, it is necessary to assemble it in the forge from special ingredients. In addition to the usual ingredients, new ingredients are also required: rubellite and spinel. The crown gives its owner +1 city possession points and it can be used only once. IMPORTANT - only this new crown will raise the player’s city point limit to 100 (13 Hope and Otton).
2. Scepter of St. Wenceslas. This artifact can also be crafted in a forge from existing ingredients. The artifact will give the player +5 location possession points and you can use it only once. Attention: the limit of 2500 points applies to the Standard as well.

Note: after using any of these artifacts - you will need to accept received points in the Kingdom events.

Both of these artifacts can also be used to build the levels of the Winter Residence.

Great architects came to our lands from distant lands and all draft buildings received 2 additional levels. To improve your buildings, you will need drafts that can be found in rewards for mini-games and competitions.

Super storage can be built in resource locations and gives the owner an increased capacity of resources. Drafts for this building can be found in the dense forest.
During the holidays, you can find items at low prices in the game store, as well as the following discounts:
- 50% for the transfer of artifacts;
- 50% on the renouncement of the city;
- 40% on the purchase of vassal points and points of location ownership;
- 40% for the construction of tunnels;
- 30% for the construction of all mercenary camps;
- 30% for the construction of the fort and walls in the valley;
- 30% on the purchase of items in the store;
- 20% to previous levels of draft buildings.
- up to 30% for the construction of some buildings.

1. Due to the lean year, the soldier price rose by 25%, this can cause a negative population, in which case it is necessary to reduce the number of soldiers.
2. Completely redesigned artefact interface.

* We wish you happy holidays and will prepare even more surprises for you by the 27th!

Buying promo packages - you get a unique opportunity!
Until 01.01.2020 purchasing promo packages above 5100,
gets you an unique opportunity to replace your city with a competitive one with a bonus of 50,000 mercenary points and 50,000 population points, 2 fountains, lot of snowmans and ice rat sculptures.

To obtain the city you need to contact technical support.
* 1 player can only get 1 city.
** the number of cities, after the installation of this city, can not exceed 100(4 for Epic and 13 for Hope/Otton) if player already used new crown.