ekkor: 01 Apr 2019 [13:16]
frissítve: 01 Apr 2019 [13:16]

Attention! Attention!(:s24:)
On April 1-2, new artifacts may appear on all servers:
- Staff of life, increases the number of residents in the city, in which the artifact was activated by 100%, for 5 minutes.
- Gates of hell, provide an opportunity to go to other servers (for the transition you must register on this server)
- The claw of the dragon, the power of the army in which the artifact was activated is increased by 100% for 5 minutes.
New building.
The tree of life - increases the size of the city by 50%
This artifact can be crafted in the forge

Who can find any new artifact will receive the building Tree of Life!

Come up with your unique artifact (with a description of its properties) and get unique prizes!
Place the recipe or description of the artifact in this topic.
Be sure to include your nickname and server for a prize.