ekkor: 14 Feb 2019 [16:30]
frissítve: 14 Feb 2019 [16:32]

We offer to the brave knights and beautiful ladies to take part in the competition: "VALENTINE FOR YOU"

In these winter cold days, we celebrate a holiday warming our hearts - the day of all lovers.

To complete this competition, you need to go on a romantic trip. Find any of the listed gems and get great gifts.

Huge ruby - 1

Huge saphire - 1

Flawless emerald - 1.

Flawless topaz - 1

Amethyst - 1

Pearl - 1

Gems - 1

ATTENTION! In order to receive a prize, you need to find any specified rare artifacts, send a report and be sure to place a valentine card in the form of a greeting text in prose or a poem in the subject of the competition, or to create a greeting card.
Be sure to write the nickname of the player to whom your valentine is dedicated.
The player whose nickname you indicated will receive the same rare artifacts that you find!
If you do not write a greeting card, you will be awarded an incentive prize.

And now the conditions of competition:
- Logs are accepted only from temporary locations.
- In the report you can specify no more than 7 logs with compulsory research.
- Temporary locations located inside the contour are not accepted!
- Location "secret treasure" will not be considered.
- All battle logs have to be in the above mentioned contest period of time.
- In order to preserve you logs copy them to your computer.
- Attentively check your report before sending!
- Any fraud with logs will lead to disqualification
- If you find several identical stones, the gift will be given only for one the same stone.
- Sart of the contest: 14.02.2019 , 15-00 hours (server time). Finish 20.02.2019 , 23-59 hours (server time).
- Each player can send only one report, reception will be ended 21.02.2019 , 10-00 hours (server time).

Attention combat logs are accepted only in the form of report! To draw up your report, click on the pencil drawing:



For each found a rare artifact indicated in the conditions you will receive a prize:
500 gold, 300 diamonds, the second gift rare artifact, 10KK resources, a set of unique units.

Super prize: :

Find a set of 3 or more different stones and get an additional gift - VIP subscription for 7 days.

Go forward brave knights and courageous ladies and not step back!