ekkor: 14 Dec 2017 [15:03]
frissítve: 14 Dec 2017 [15:06]
Dear players!
Recently, we began to receive questions from you related to the scaling of the map of the valley.

We present to your attention some of them:
- I start to scroll the map, and it hangs, and shows a gray screen, after which nothing happens.
- I try to move the map to find the desired city, but instead of the map I have a gray screen.
- Nothing happens, I want to quickly find an object on the map, and instead I spend a lot of time waiting for the drawing of the map of the valley.

We will try to answer all questions.

First, let's look at the scale of the map:

A detailed map of the valley (landscape) can be viewed at a scale (1: 1-1: 5)
Scale 1:1

Scale 1:5

With a further increase in scale, we move from a landscape map to a world map. (For example, several screenshots of a different map scale are shown)
Scale 1:6

Scale 1:10

Scale 1:15

Scale 1:20

Scale 1:25

We will analyze situations when gray squares appear instead of a map:
1. Fast scrolling of the map (scaling):

a minute later, the map appears:

2. Rapid movement on the map of the valley:

After a while of waiting will appear the map:

Multiple Rules for zooming of the valley map so that the gray screen does not appear.

- Do not try to quickly scale (scrolling) the landscape and world map of the valley.
- try to change the scale of the map not by a sharp increase, but more smoothly. In this case, you will not have gray spots on the map and hang the browser window.
- Travel along the landscape and world map of the valley more smoothly, without sudden movements.
- Do not try to scale and navigate the valley map at the same time with sharp movements, this may entail not only the appearance of gray spots in place of the map, but also the hanging of the browser window.
- Be a little patient, move on the map without sudden movements, this will save you time and will be able to bypass a more hurried opponent.

Open the valley map on a scale 1:1
Gradually increase the scale to 1: 6 (the appearance of the world map)
Scale 1:6

- Wait for a few seconds to draw, and then zoom the map without hovering the browser window and the appearance of gray spots on the map.

If you follow the basic rules listed in this article, problems with gray spots on the map will disappear.

Developers 1100AD constantly work on optimization and elimination of problems associated with mapping the valley map.

Remember, modern browser games do not require a lot of disk space, but they are demanding on the characteristics of your personal computer, as well as the speed of the connected Internet.

To find out the speed of connection to the Internet, use the test:
ekkor: 17 Dec 2017 [12:52]
thank you for tips, but this is not working at all on Beta for me (:s6:)