ekkor: 05 Sep 2014 [00:46]
You are registered on social networks and you have a wide range of friends with whom you constantly communicate and as there is an experience of moderating and maintaining the group - then this vacancy for you! (:s24:)
(:s33:)We invite players with knowledge of English language to become moderators of official group of game 1100AD on social networks in: Facebook and Twitter

Main requirements:
- To be registered in one of a social network
- The good knowledge of game 1100AD, to be aware of events that take place in the game forum and server chats;
- Good knowledge of English (both oral and written);
- Communication skills, stress tolerance, goodwill in relation to the members of the group, responsibility and self-discipline;
- Skills of creation and carrying out various activities/ competitions;
- Creativity;
- Literacy;
- Age 18 +

- Moderator must watch after an order in the chat of group and after the observance of rules of Chat of group. To prevent violations of rules, to prevent provocation by users
- To answer the questions of players, help in difficult situations related to the game.
- To trace game updatings at a forum and to be aware of all innovations.
- To help Administration to inform participants of group on changes in game.
- To hold quizes and competitions the games coordinated with administration.

Application Form:
1. Nickname in game
2. The level of communication in the social network and the ability to moderate
3.Experience in the game
4. Level of knowledge of game
5. Knowledge of languages
6. Average online per day, and time of day in the game (morning, afternoon, evening, night)
7. The time zone (+ - in hours),
8.Availability of Skype. (If any, specify the login)
9. The name of the social network, where would like to work.

Note: Please submit your requests only to game account knightbulletin, marked "Application for the post of group moderator in a social network" or in this totic of forum!

Chat Moderators issued a reward in game currency, in accordance with the Rules of the moderators of social networks.

It is forbidden to comment any applications of players, such messages will be considered as a flood and removed.
ekkor: 10 Dec 2014 [11:50]
ekkor: 15 Dec 2014 [14:48]
At the risk of this post being unnecessarily considered as "flood" (must be something lost in translation there), I could,not pass up this announcement without expressing my two cents here.

Many a moons ago, I submitted an application to be an English moderator of Aragon for in game chat. Knightbulletin was more concerned about how I had his Skype info than give any serious consideration to my application. Now on Aragon, we briefly had an out-of-server moderator who didn't stay too long, and now non-English speaking moderators deleting virtually every post (over moderation; one of my posts was deleted to keep the chat room tidy. Seriously?) to the point where no sane English speakers use the chat.

So knightbulletin, please give us a guarantee that you will give a timely and serious considerations to the players' applications. Otherwise, there may be no point in applying for these positions.