ekkor: 13 Mar 2014 [11:14]
frissítve: 17 Mar 2014 [10:30]
HOLIDAY EVENT - Leprechauns' Treasures

From 12.00 am March 17th till 12.00 am March 24th leprechaun houses may randomly appear anywhere on map (except for sea locations, marktowers, buoys and citadels). Exploring those locations will give players 0 to 3 green coins. You can use them to buy special gifts in Diamond shop.
Number of coins collected is logged in game. When event ends, lucky players who collected most coins on every server will be awarded.
As well for the time of event we are increasing number of resources you can buy for gold in the 'Supply' market tab. Hurry up - on March 24 all those changes will be reverted!

1. New mail interface with message formatting options applied to all servers.
2. All rare buildings got additional upgrade levels. Now they can be upgraded to level 10.
For reaching level 6 you will need one more level 5 draft.
For levels 7 and 8 you will need new drafts - new random drop in all locations.
Levels 9 and 10 require only gold.

* Left social panel now can be set as hidden in player's profile.

Aquitaine и Unification of Aragon servers:
* Updated 'Baron' package - now with 30 slots for free heroes!
* New 'Premium' subscription - accelerated troops training, building construction and trade campaigns, doubled resource extraction and mercenary count and much, much more!

Active Gold, Silver or Newbie subscriptions will be converted to the Premium subscription with the same time period. Players with 2 active subscriptions (for example, Newbie and Gold one) will have their more expensive subscription converted to Premium one and have 1/2 of the Newbie subscription time added to it.
ekkor: 07 Nov 2014 [16:58]
Premium package only available for 90 days? What happened to the one year subscription? Also what's up with the price? Looks like its 2999 gold right now with a 50% discount already applied? No no no! I play on three servers and you guys are killing me! (:s6:) Can you change it back?
ekkor: 03 Apr 2020 [10:52]
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