ekkor: 30 May 2012 [19:52]
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The Global and Tactical Chats

For easier communication between the players, we have introduced the Global and the Tactical Chats.

The Tactical Chat:
This chat is for communication between the players on the one and the same location. In order to enter this chat one should switch to the tactical screen. The tactical chat preserves the history consisting of the 50 latest messages.
The Global Chat:
The Global Chat is intended for communication among all the players of a given server as its name suggests. Here you can send messages, view other players’ messages and create separate chat rooms for your friends only, for example.
A player who creates a private chat gets the control panel that permits addition or removal of players from the private chat room. The general and the private chat scrolls preserve the latest 70 messages.

On every server, there is a group of players who are given the rights of the chat moderators. Such players view the chat scrolls browsing for violations in accordance with the chatting rules that are given below.
If a player violates any item of the Rules, he/she will be muted for a period of time chosen by the moderator.

The Chatting Rules
The General Provisions

1. These Rules are mandatory and binding upon all the visitors/users of the Global and the Tactical chats.
2. Ignorance of these Rules does not release anyone from the responsibility for their violation.
3. By using the service facilities and functionality of these Chats you accept the present Rules. It is prohibited to discuss, criticise and flame these Rules.
4. All the messages express the opinions of their authors and the Administration is in no way responsible for them.
5. A chat participant is fully responsible for any action and for any premeditated or accidental violation of these Rules. Such a violation, in turn, will entail the penalty. There will be no penalty reporting or accounting.
6. All the violators hereof shall be penalised – muted for a period of time. The longevity of the mute penalties shall be determined by the moderators at their sole discretion.
7. The Chat Administration is trying to make the communication within the Chat channels as constructive, interesting and informative as possible.
8. The communication in the Global chat on a specialized regional server (for example, a server for players from English speaking regions) is allowed only in the language of the region. Communication in all other languages has to be conducted in the regional chats.
List of specialized servers:
Die Eroberung Amerikas - German

The Subject and Message Regulations:
1. It is prohibited to insult or manifest any manner of impolite communication.
2. It is prohibited to use the obscene language as well as to refer to URLs containing the obscene language (depending on the context, as determined by the moderators).
3. It is prohibited to upload/paste/post pornographic materials and links to pornographic URLs.
4. It is prohibited to propagate drugs, violence, ethnic or racial enmity; political agitation and calls/urges for violation of the existing Rules are prohibited as well.
5. It is prohibited to discuss religious subjects and beliefs apart from the cases where such a discussion is unrelated to a chat participant but is to his/her game character (Commander) and when the situation within the game world is the subject for discussion.
6. It is prohibited to impose one’s religious views upon the other chat participants.
7. It is prohibited to encroach upon the freedom of religious views as well as the principles, viewpoints and opinions of the other chat participants.
8. It is prohibited for any one player to post one message repeatedly.
9. Advertisement of any kind and manner is prohibited in any form, concealed or express, direct or indirect. Any information about the products of AmberGames Co mentioned, quoted, posted or otherwise referred to or described within these Chats shall not be deemed and categorised as advertisement in any form or manner whatsoever.
10. It is prohibited to overuse/abuse the smilies.
11. It is prohibited to post/publish others’ IP addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, photographs, true names and other personal information without the prior express consent of such information’s owners.
12. It is prohibited to post private correspondence with anyone.
13. It is prohibited to post messages containing information and/or references/links to wares and/or crack/keygen/serial websites.
14. It is prohibited to agitate the players to leave the game in any form or manner whatsoever.
15. It is prohibited to post messages announcing game account sales or similar declarations.
16. It is prohibited to discuss publicly the course of action/acts of the Administration and/or the moderators.
17. It is prohibited to post messages about MP (mercenary points) and gold transfer between servers in regional and global chats. Such messages are allowed in 'Throne room' chat only.
18. It is prohibited to post messages with redundant use of uppercase characters (CAPS LOCK or shout).
19. It is prohibited to post messages about selling or exchanging heroes (received as gifts) or other gifts in regional and global chats. Such messages are allowed in 'Throne room' chat only.
20. It is prohibited to post messages requesting throne room decoration in regional and global chats. Such messages are allowed in 'Throne room' chat only.


1. The moderators shall have the right to impose a penalty for violation of the Rules; the penalty may range from a verbal warning to a perpetual mute (blocking) of the violator.
2. The moderators shall only be accountable for their acts to the Administration or the Chief Administrator appointed by the Administration.
3. Before contacting tech support, please contact admin - knightbulletin
ekkor: 31 May 2012 [12:30]
frissítve: 31 May 2012 [12:32]
Well Cathrine it's nice to have a global and tactic chat window (:s9:)(:s11:), but when are you planning on implementing something quite unique for the older servers (crusade, bohemia, livonian, etc) ? The ones who stay put are the ones who had spent a lot of time and (:gold:) in them. I hope you will do some justice to those who still play here, by implementing something unique in these older servers sooner rather than later (:s14:)(:s5:)
Maybe this could be a small example of dormancy and decline of interest in playing on the older servers; At last Sunday's (05/27), Crusade Citadel. It was held by a new order which had rarely or not at all owned the citadel before, but out of the four usual arch rival Orders, only one turned up in force to take it. Maybe it was a strategic ploy, maybe not. But IF all four orders had turned up, it would have been a battle memorable (:s11:).
ekkor: 31 May 2012 [16:13]
This Global Chat has been a disaster for me. Since you have added this feature my resource bar is messed up. I cannot see my lime or remaining gold because of it.

I have also lost 90 carts and 50 highwaymen during this encounter.

I have no use for the global chat and in my opinion, I would rather see a return to the previous way the game was played.
ekkor: 18 Jul 2014 [23:25]
(:s33:) Thanks for legalizing trade of artifacts and heroes in the throne room! (:s22:)
ekkor: 19 Apr 2015 [18:54]
(:s27:)you think you're liljon King, the man you're not fit to be moderator lives getting into trouble.
It's a shame the ambergames put people in place that should have people would not like kids out of diapers yet.
ADM has to make arrangements about liljon.
ekkor: 20 Apr 2015 [02:23]
What has he done to you?
ekkor: 12 Jun 2015 [00:39]
clear your browser
ekkor: 16 Nov 2015 [23:10]
ekkor: 03 Nov 2017 [17:26]
Some words are not curse words but you can get banned for them. I just said kick butt and was banned. I don't know how you would go about fixing this problem but if you can it sure would be nice.(:s1:)
ekkor: 20 May 2020 [10:53]
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