ekkor: 16 Apr 2009 [11:59]
frissítve: 15 May 2012 [14:38]
We announce that reserve a right to do different technical tasks on game servers on every Thursday, 7:00-10:00 GMT approximately.

Servers could be not available during this time period, versions updated, servers moved, DNS moved and so on... So beware (:lol:)

Of course, this will not happen on each Thursday on all servers, but it can, be ready (:exclaim:)
ekkor: 16 Apr 2009 [12:44]
Thanks for the notice!
ekkor: 16 Apr 2009 [16:27]
Crusade server is up and running now, but the IP has been changed and you should wait while your provider will catch up the DNS change. This will probably catch up quite quick, during 30-40 minutes, but for some providers with large DNS cache it can last up to 8 hours.

PS: Beta server was up and running all the time, but during to bug in web site it was not shown as option to log in. This is fixed and in the future when one server will be down due to some reasons, the other will not be affected.
ekkor: 30 Oct 2009 [03:02]

To all here in the beta world. Have a big problem now. hmm or maybe not. Therefore, I once needed help and advice what I can do.

Have on 29.10.09 at 1:11 server time clock attacked a town. The fight was tough. Clock at 3:00 I've declared war and then take on the city. we were still fighting to 5: oo clock. To Clock 12:02, he had again attacked me. Thus, at 17 clock, he then wanted ne alliance for aggression and a non grabs close to me. But as I was not home by 17 clock I could not answer it. At 21:30 Clock time I looked at what it does to fight. Then wanted to send over 250 soldiers.

But then came the message: player is on holiday. Thus, I could not send Solis over.

So now my question to everyone here, whether mod, support or all know their way around here. What is happening now. Bekomm I am now the city-the 24hr. to be on 30.10.09 at 3:20 Clock.

For help I'd be very grateful

what the shit here now, sorry for the word here. is so

even at 1:53 hours until the rum is 24hr. Captures the time all over again to run. Alos went backwards from 24hr ...

not find that funny, because I have already paid to have lots of money.
ekkor: 11 Oct 2010 [15:27]
its absolutly unadmissible ans unacceptable how grail is working.....been off sunday at least 20 times....today been of foe several hours and more than this..I was conquering a city and to 20 minutes to finish...now Im at 22 hours...WHAT THE HELL is happening here......please let me know with I need to talk about this....ahh..and back me the hire heroes fee for at least the time that you are off..to me and all players...
I wait for an answer....because Im a clinet very upset...
ekkor: 11 Oct 2010 [19:36]
Currently, as many have noticed, grail is having a few problems (:s20:).
The cause seems to be from the large influx of new players. The developer staff is currently working hard to find and fix the problem.

Sorry for any inconvenience:

P.S I'm not a developer. I'm just a moderator on the English forums. This information came from a developer. All other questions, please ask support. http://support.ambergames.com/
igorbfyvm, please explain in detail of your problem.
ekkor: 14 Oct 2010 [12:27]
igorbfyvm i know what' s your problem!
You banned (:s1:)
This was your multi account! Play with your other account - fyvm4y!
ekkor: 15 May 2012 [14:42]
Regular technical maintenance in game, from now moment will be on Tuesday.
Servers could be not available during this time period.
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