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ekkor: 16 Dec 2011 [06:39]
frissítve: 20 Dec 2011 [17:30]
Hello everyone, the year is coming to a close pretty soon so I thought maybe we can do something fun! Since its the end of the year, I think a poll to nominate players for the "best" of each subject would be great! Who knows, maybe the developers will like this idea and offer rewards to the top nominated players. I will close this post on, say, the 23rd of December, so post soon!

Each player can only post once and nominate 1 player for each subject however, you can NOT nominate your self. The same player can be nominated for more than 1 subject. Everyone is eligible for nominations, the only requirement is that they are active.


1) Name
2) Name
3) Name
4) Name
5) Name
6) Name

ANY deviation from the rules or the template, your post will be deleted and you will be muted for 5 days or more. I want this to be fun, clean, and easy to gather the stats at the end. If you have questions, go ahead and post it here. it will be deleted after its been answered.


1) Best player of the year
2) Voice of the People.
3) Small but powerful.
4) Best tactician of the year.
5) Cry Baby of the year.
6) Best idea of the year.
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ekkor: 28 Dec 2011 [17:11]
frissítve: 28 Dec 2011 [17:11]
Crimson, there are results about the nominations in the Latvian forum as well. In the game news/ special announcements section.
Should they also send letter to support, claiming the prize?
ekkor: 29 Dec 2011 [03:00]
frissítve: 29 Dec 2011 [03:01]
muminc, general chat (international)is viewable to all language sections.

[Thread open for short time to post questions]
ekkor: 29 Dec 2011 [13:59]
muminc, yes, all winners should send a ticket to the support with a subject "Nomination winners".
ekkor: 29 Dec 2011 [14:41]
Kvóta crimson:
muminc, general chat (international)is viewable to all language sections.

Yes, but i created this thread in the game news/special announcements section in the latvian forum, which can be seen only by those who choose the forum to be in latvian language. So, they wouldn't understand if they also could claim their prize, if You announced the winners only from this thread and that they can receive awards.

But now, everything is clear. Thank You for responding(:s1:)
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