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Global Forum Rules
Global English Rules
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International Forum Specific Rules:

Using a language other than English: Since 1100AD standardizes English as the international language, no other language should be used in this section without an English translation (not done by an automatic translator).
Punishment: 6 hour mute, 1 day mute, 2 day mute.
Thread - The thread will be closed and deleted within 1 day if not moved by a moderator.
Post - Post will be deleted.

To all moderators (and players who wish to help):
If you see a thread that needs to be moved and you know where to move it to, please do so. If you do not have the power to move threads, please contact someone you know who does have the power to move threads (I will see if I can compile a list of super moderators who have the power to move threads).
Also, if you can type English fluently, please translate this post into your native language. Make a new thread titled, “International forum rules – (language of translated rules)” (example: Foro Internacional de las reglas - españolas), then close the thread and make it a sticky (if you’re a moderator) otherwise a moderator will close it and sticky it for you and delete any post within the thread that are not by the original poster. DO NOT use a translator. They are all faulty and will create confusion for the readers. Last but not least, you do not need to translate the “to all moderators” part.
I’d like to thank all who have helped translate this thread!
ekkor: 07 Aug 2012 [17:56]
Updated. No rules have changed.
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