ekkor: 15 Aug 2011 [13:03]
Attention all players, please take some time to read this!

We had a situation of series of illegal access, the culprit was identified and banned from accessing the game. However the damage was done and there were some victims.
Most of the illegally accessed accounts had a very simple password, something like "1234" or "297635". So we would like to set up a little security guide.

Account security:
1) Use a strong password - it should contain not less then 6 characters (the best is 10+), include low and high case letters and mix some numbers.
2) Keep your e-mail safe, don't let others know your character's e-mail and have a strong password on it, that is different from your character account.
3) Never and I say "NEVER" disclose your character information to other people. Members of staff such as Dealers or Traders may need your PIN number, but they do not need to know the password and they will not ask for it. Administration don't need to know your password and they will never ask for it!
4) If you are playing from school, university, Internet cafe, ... never save your password on the computer, never leave your character loged on while you are away from the computer.
5) If you have a suspicion that some one may got your password you need to change it straight away!

Please look at your passwords and change them for a strong one now to be safe and be safe!
ekkor: 15 Aug 2011 [13:16]

Thanks for taking action!
Could you inform us about who the culprit was, and if it was someone from an Order?

Or would you rather not disclose this?
ekkor: 15 Aug 2011 [16:12]
Thanks alot guys(:s1:)

Kvóta SopokeVonGlopoke:
Could you inform us about who the culprit was, and if it was someone from an Order?

I belive the player was Buddyhall (i maybe wrong). He played on Crusade and wasnt part of an order at that time he was Gas110 vassal. He named his citys after Jew consintration camps after defiying the developes request to change it many times he was banned.

Hope this helps
ekkor: 22 Dec 2011 [17:37]
Lol you are def wrong. Where the heck did you come up with that?
ekkor: 22 Dec 2011 [17:39]
I am sitting on my 7000 gold waiting for Christmas. (:rob:)
ekkor: 22 Dec 2011 [17:42]
And I got a message saying I had to change one cities name from a player abusing his power because I got a message saying to change the cities name via message in game message which game staff told me they would never contact me this way so I disregarded it anyways................(:s23:)
Merry Christmas in two more days (:s25:)
ekkor: 24 Dec 2011 [01:38]
Wow - do I believe the previous post - the youtube link - is not cheating? No. It is cheating. Do I trust these people? No - first, they are cheating. Why would they not cheat me? Second, I am giving them access to something from me - using my web browser to access their web page, using their program, etc. How do I know that they are not downloading bots to my computer? I do not. We have already established the fact that they are cheaters. Why should I trust them with MY computer? If they can do stuff like I mention, it would be easy enough for them to get past a virus scanner.

Fuggedaboutit. Do not go there - do not use their program.