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on: 06 Apr 2012 [01:31]
updated: 11 Apr 2012 [00:53]
Dearly Beloved Brethren and Sisters!

Easter, the principal festival of the Christianity celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, is coming. In these days, the 1100AD Team cordially and sincerely congratulates all of you on the forthcoming Celebration and wishes you peace, love, kindness, goodness and understanding in your homes and families.

We wish happiness and joy and may the peace of mind and inspiration abide with you forever!

In connection with this bright and remarkable Festival, we have prepared for you a special Easter Programme that will introduce a great many novelties, bonuses and nice surprises. Because the Catholic Easter and the Orthodox Easter fall on different days this year, 1100AD will have a good two weeks of celebration and two great upgrades! So, keep your eyes peeled for the news!

And now, let’s turn to the novelties that we have in stock for you:

1. We introduce the new and unique festival hero – the Catholic Warrior Bishop.

When you buy a gold or a silver subscription for 3 months or longer during the Catholic Easter, you will get this unique hero, the Warrior Bishop. The new hero is also available for purchase for 80 diamonds.

2. Temporary adventure hut locations

From now on, the adventure huts of the new types will be emerging in the valleys. You cannot enclose them in a contour and they will only be there for a certain amount of time after which they will disappear and reappear somewhere else. Within the adventure hut will be the appropriate building that you can explore and get something useful.

There will be adventure huts of the following four types:
1) Wrecked Trade Wagon
2) Dense Forest
3) Trade Fair
4) War Camp

As soon one of these appears in the valley, everybody within its influence range will be sent the special Kingdom Event notices offering them to explore the newfound place. A player can decline this invitation if not feeling like going there, of course.

3. The New Artifacts

- Replica of Tizona;
- Bassaunt Flag;
- Document of Profess;
- Book “Historia Calamitatum”;
- Book “Madrid Skylitzes”;

You will find these artefacts in the new temporary (roaming) adventure huts as well as in the mercenary huts.

4. Craftable Easter Artifacts
Apart from all the above, we offer the players, in honour of the Easter Celebration, the opportunity to compose the new and powerful artefacts out of various ingredients.

Here’s the list of the composite artefacts:
- The Gospel of Matthew;
This artifact gives your hero a level-up. Can be used only once per hero.
- The Royal Order;
The artifact suppresses all revolts in your locations (mercenary camps), if you have any. NOTE: If you do not have any revolts in your kingdom and still would use this artifact, then you’ll just lose it pointlessly.
- The Indulgence;
The artifact resets all your hero’s skills.
- Water from the Hippocrene Source ;
This artifact increases your knowledge skill by 200% for two days.
- The Ancient Aquila.
The artifact increases your leadership skill by 5% for period of three days.

The list of the new ingredients:
- Quality Ink;
- Parchment;
- Goose-Quills;
- Wax;
- The Church Signet;
- Water from the Muses’ Source;
- Soda;
- Quality Sand;
- Limestone;
- Copper Powder;
- The Cork.

NOTE: All the old Christmas craftable artifact recipes were removed from the Blacksmith, which means that you no longer can craft those items.
You can find the ingredients in both the roaming and the ordinary adventure huts.

5. The Kingdom Events

Don’t miss out on the nice festival bonus:
Every player will get one Kingdom Event message with gifts in honour of the Catholic Easter bang on 00.00 Server Time on 8 April.

6. The Easter Game and the Lottery

Just like was the case on the New Year’s Eve, all the players will get the special tree in their towns, except this time it will be the Palm and not the Xmas Tree!

You can use the Palm to join the lottery and play the new “Easter Egg Battle” mini-game.
The game matches themselves do not provide any bonuses or minuses, they are created for pure fun, but there is a statistics going on, which collects the data about the players who have ever played the “Easter Egg Battle”. After the Easter holidays, top 10 “Egg battle” players from all the 1100AD servers will receive gifts of great value.
The Easter eggs (artifacts) that are used to play the new mini-game can crafted into more powerful eggs in the Blacksmith.

7. The Contests

Throughout the Easter Holiday we will be organising contests on the forum and in the social networks. The winners will be getting various prizes ranging from gold and diamonds to the shareware heroes, so, please, be active and attentive. Keep an eye on the news on our forum as well as in VKontakte and Facebook.

8. Discounts and Bonuses

Throughout the whole period of celebration 1100AD will operate the following discounts:
- The gold subscription – the 30% discount;
- The silver subscription – the 30% discount;
- The baron package – the 15% discount;
- Generation of the personal coat of arms – the 50% discount (375 gold coins instead of 750).

9. Additional updates
1) Pikeman and Swordsman pictures were changed to new authentic ones.
2) Auction rules were changed:
Now, when you make a bid, the gold is taken from your account immediately. Then, if someone raises your bid later, then gold that was spent on that previous bid is returned to your account.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the celebration of humanity, the time when we forget the vehemence and the bitterness in our souls. Let us all be kind and thankful to each other.
Christ is Risen!
=== UPDATE ===:
Information about new update is available here.
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on: 21 Apr 2012 [00:56]
updated: 21 Apr 2012 [00:58]
Quote shadowwarrior7:
If I may, in order to be eligible for a battle, does your hero have to "use" the egg, or just have it in his inventory?

your hero needs to use the egg to make it be active in your Easter Tree

Quote shadowwarrior7:
Because when I use an egg, it disappears after five minutes without me playing any battles.

the timer when you activate it on the hero means nothing. As long as you have an active egg in your Easter Tree, you can battle. When you lose a battle, the egg becomes inactive in your Easter Tree

If you lose a battle, and the egg is still active on your hero...remove it because you cannot activate a new egg on the same hero until that one is gone.
on: 21 Apr 2012 [02:51]
Maddog Ahh thanks much for explaining. This egg battle thing is very fun indeed.
on: 21 Apr 2012 [14:31]

I've read that we will find everytime something in the huts. But there is very often the message that I didn't find anything!!

on: 23 Apr 2012 [08:14]
updated: 23 Apr 2012 [14:05]
Right next to me and no quest :(
on: 23 Apr 2012 [13:50]
3) How the Kingdom Event system for Temporary Quest Locations works:
Each temporary location type has its own difficulty level and player title requirements:
Wrecked Trade Wagon (Easy difficulty), title requirements: from Knight to Earl;
Dense Forest (Moderate difficulty), title requirements: from Viscount to Duke;
Trade Fair (Hard difficulty), title requirements: from Earl to Duke;
War Camp (Hardest difficulty), title requirements: from Duke to Emperor.

When such location appears, all the players that satisfy title requirements and have at least one location (city, fort or mercenary camp) in the radius of 50 tiles around the Temporary Quest Location, receive a notification – the above mentioned Kingdom Event.

Best wishes
on: 23 Apr 2012 [14:06]
(:s5:)... I should have known that (:s7:)... Thanks Cristal!
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